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Responsible financial management

Education can always use more resources, but it is crucial to wisely manage the resources we have. In 2012, the Edmonton Public School Board had the largest operating deficit in the province. The assumption is that the province is underfunding education. Yet, when you combine all districts’ surpluses and deficits there is a surplus.

If other districts can balance their budgets, why can’t EPSB?

Creative solutions to challenges

One of the biggest challenges facing education in our province is funding for the maintenance and building of schools. With a current maintenance deficit at EPSB of $230 Million, that is projected to be $1 Billion by 2026, it is clear that something has to change.

This issue needs to be looked at in a new and fresh way.

Focused on preparing children for their future

Learning is a fulfilling pursuit and the pathway for all great innovations. Beyond learning, public education needs to fulfil its role of building the citizens and leaders of tomorrow.

EPSB Trustees must return their focus to education to prepare our children for the future.

Building relationships with staff, stakeholders and the community

EPSB’s internal surveys indicate there has been a growing divide between various stakeholders in the district. Further, members of the provincial government are on record about not funding the trustee’s initiatives until they address internal issues. These divisions are draining resources, energy and morale from the district.

Let’s build on the things we have in common to address areas where we differ.

Leadership — What others are saying about Orville

Stephen Mandel

Mayor, City of Edmonton

I support Orville’s candidacy for Edmonton Public School Trustee.  He has the leadership skill, integrity and compassion we need on that board.

Stuart Wachowicz

Former: Director of Curriculum, Edmonton Public Schools
Former: Director: Confucius Institute in Edmonton

I am proud to endorse Mr. Orville Chubb and can without reservation state that I can think of no better person in which to place the trust of children’s education.

Click to read letter of support.

Vlad Eshenko

Retired Principal and Educator
Thirty-two Years with Edmonton Public Schools
University Facilitator at University of Alberta and Concordia University
Field Test Supervisor, Alberta Education

“I believe a trustee is a person who must plan for the future of education, keeping a delicate balance between the best of the new while not forgetting the excellence of the past.

It is indeed rare to find these qualities in a single person, and that is why I give my total support to Orville Chubb, a person who exemplifies all of these values for education with our students and the stakeholders in the Edmonton community.”

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John Mahon

past Executive Director of Edmonton Arts Council

“Orville is a committed, insightful and principled person.”

Christy Morin

Executive Director, Arts on the Ave

“Orville assumed the treasurer role at a crucial time in AOTA’s history… [He] introduced policies and procedures that helped us manage our festivals and many activities.”

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