I am running for re-election as Trustee for Edmonton Public Schools in Ward C.

I have lived in the area for over 25 years, and my children attended Edmonton Public Schools in both alternative and regular programs during their schooling years.

As an entrepreneur, I am always interested in making the best use of available resources and I bring that perspective to our education system as well.  While we all agree that it would be easy to do more with more, the real challenge and skill comes from doing more with less.

I believe that my experience in business gives me the leadership skill necessary to control the cost and set priorities for using resources effectively for the best possible educational experience for all children.

In addition to my experience in business, I have also gained a lot of experience in education since being elected as a Trustee in 2013.  Beyond being a committed member of the Board of Trustees I have been actively involved in the following:

  1. Audit Committee — Chair, 2013 & 2016
  2. ELEVATE — representative on behalf of EPSB
  3. Board and Superintendent of Schools Evaluations — Committee Member, 2013
  4. Trustee co-representative, negotiating committee with the Maintenance Union CUPE Local 784
  5. Infrastructure committee 2014 – 2016
  6. Policy Review Committee, Chair 2014
  7. District Priorities and Governance Committee, 2015

During my tenure as a Trustee I am very proud to have initiated three items that are now a mainstay of Edmonton Public School Board’s governance and accountability model:

Reconfigured the Superintendent’s evaluation

In 2013, as a member of the Board and Superintendent of Schools Evaluations Committee, which evaluates the work of the Board and the Superintendent annually, I initiated a change to move the evaluation of the superintendent from an arbitrary list of questions to a criteria-based model set out by Canadian Association of School System Administrators (CASSA). The criteria focuses on key indicators of educational leadership: vision, human resources and teaching; as well as effectiveness in relationships, organisational leadership and management — including with his or her board interactions.

Established a Trustee Infrastructure Committee

In 2014 I brought leadership to the creation of a Trustee Infrastructure Committee to provide a direct connection between Trustees and those in administration working on infrastructure challenges within the District. Along with my colleagues, Trustees Ip and Martin who have been on this committee with me since its inception, we have brought efficiency and accountability on all infrastructure matters. Further, we followed up on every possibility to find solutions within the private and public sectors —  including partnering with the City and Provincial Government to find uses for underutilized schools in mature neighbourhoods and advocating for funding of new schools in our City’s growing communities.

Made a revision of the District’s reporting to the Board of Trustees

In 2015, I initiated a revision of the District’s reporting on its vision and goals which guide efforts and investments. Previously, the information was imbedded in the  Annual Education Results Report (AERR) prepared annually for Alberta Education. Now it’s a series of reports presented throughout the year based on the Board vision statement.  This allows for a more in-depth review of all the various aspects of the District’s efforts.

Having garnered permission from Alberta Education for this change, I believe this reporting process had led to more engagement between the Board and staff groups and the administration at Edmonton Public Schools.

Reframed the conversation about the teaching of consent

In 2015, I brought a motion to the Board to request that the Minister of Education have the topic of consent added to the Alberta curriculum on human sexuality. The Canadian Criminal Code would be the basis of this instruction.

By using this perspective the appeal to the Minister was endorsed almost unanimously by the Alberta School Boards Association as well as a broad section of the public, ranging from the conservative to the progressive

I am convinced that my efforts have moved the District ahead in areas of focusing on students, productive generative governance as well as improving the accountability and transparency to the public.  While all these advancements have improved results for students, there is still work to be done in preparing them for an everchanging world.

On Election Day, Monday, October 16, 2017 vote for Orville Chubb for Edmonton Public Schools Trustee for Ward C.